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Embracing the Enfold Theme

If you have ever owned a self-hosted blog or website, you will agree that WordPress is easily one of the best things that happened in your life. Being a powerful platform, WordPress is easily customizable and extensible. It is very user-friendly by itself; all you have to do is to install a theme and customize a few bits.

But if you are approaching this setup as a beginner, the first problem you will find is that not all themes are made equal. Put another way, some themes are not as user-friendly as WordPress itself. Some of them are quite inflexible, allowing you to tweak only the barest necessities. Others hide everything behind a complicated layer of menus, leaving you wondering how you should proceed when changing something.

If you are one of those who have these problems, meet the Enfold Theme—the last theme you will ever need. Here is a theme that takes user-friendliness to an entirely new level. Set up a beautiful site in minutes, and change its face at any time with endless variations. Its customers are praising it for its vast feature set, its simplicity, and its top-notch customer support – pretty much everything you would need in a theme.

Enfold theme | enfold wordpress themeAll the basics

The creators of the Enfold Theme are continuously developing new features, even if the ones they currently have can give other themes a run for their money. Below are just some of the things that make the Enfold WordPress Theme special.

Responsiveness. The availability of mobile phones has forever changed the way people browse websites. And if yours does not scale to the screen size of your readers’ devices, you will be losing a large number of your audience. The Enfold WordPress Theme ensures a responsiveness that does not sacrifice the beauty of your site’s layout.

2-Minute Setup. Chances are you are starting your website as a sideline, or during your free time. That is why you would not want to spend hours tinkering just to get something right. Among its customers, Enfold has become famous for its 2-minute setup. Using its wide array of demo sites, from the standard site demo, to blogs, weddings, and restaurants, users can easily install their preferred look with a single click.

Drag-and-Drop. There are lots of drag-and-drop website builders, but Enfold beats the lot out there—says its users. Using this feature, you can take a feature that you want and place it where you want it, all without worrying about codes and the things under the hood.

Retina Display Ready. Apple may have owned the marketing term “Retina display”, but that does not mean that it appears only on Apple devices. Technically, this means a very high pixel density in a display that a person seeing it at a normal viewing angle cannot discern any individual pixel (this is usually at 300 pixels or more per inch). While many WordPress themes are still struggling at providing for such high standards, Enfold is already ready to give you crystal clear text and images on capable devices.

Unparalleled Back End. For many beginners, the admin area is something they do not dare to touch. Yes, it is easy to work on WYSIWYG levels, but there is an inherent fear of something going wrong if the user starts exploring the back end. This is not the case with the Enfold Theme. Its admin area is very powerful yet also flexible and easy to use – perfect for both beginners and seasoned pros.

Support on Multiple Levels. Other themes will only support you on the basics: things that you might already know. Enfold, on the other hand, has a team of dedicated customer support people to help you out. They also have forums, where users can confer and trade ideas and fixes. On top of this, self-help fans will get a kick out of the great documentation and video tutorials (complete with narration!) that the theme provides.

WooCommerce Integration. There’s more to monetizing your site aside from advertisements. With the Enfold WordPress Theme, you can easily build an online shop through its WooCommerce integration! Provide your would-be customers with a fast, safe, and fun shopping experience with this feature.

Search Engine Optimization. Google is the best friend of every website: you get noticed, and you can easily get people to come over. Enfold is optimized for Google and all the other search engines, allowing others to find you when they need it.

Easy Translation. Going international? You can easily use the Enfold Theme in any of the 20 supported languages. You can even go for multiple languages, using the WPML plugin. This can help you reach more people by breaking the language barrier.

Great slideshows. Slideshows are all the rage in websites – they allow you to easily showcase information in an engaging way. With Enfold, you can set up whatever kind of slideshow you need: 3D, 2D, Fullscreen, Layered, or Parallax.

Dozens of other goodies! Edit the sidebar and shortcodes easily, and create your own forms and mockups (the latter using the 31 built-in PSD files). You can also create skins right out of the admin panel, as well as spaces for all sorts of tables and buttons. Integrate with MailChimp for newsletters and list building, edit your typography, and lots more!


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Why you need Enfold WordPress Theme?

WordPress beginners look for a simplicity that will allow them to showcase their best work without having to go through all the technical red tape. As they grow into seasoned professionals and power-users, they would want to have more control over the finer points. On both counts, Enfold answers every need, staying true to its promise of being the last theme you will ever need.

Despite the plethora of options, Enfold also proves itself to be very well-built. This is something you need to make sure it does not break after every little tweak you make. It supports the easy creation of child themes, too, so that you won’t have to lose all your customizations each time you update the theme.

The final word

Amazingly robust and powerful yet easy to master, the Enfold Theme is a pearl in the sea of WordPress themes. It is obvious that a lot of care has been put into its creation, unlike the haphazard take that some others showcase. This does not mean to say that it is perfect; one thing users will have to take care of is the process of changing themes after heavily customizing the previous one. Since themes create pages through shortcodes, some of these may remain and make a mess of certain page parts after the theme is changed. These issues will then have to be manually resolved. However, it is worthwhile to note that this problem is not unique to Enfold; other famous themes such as Divi and XTheme also have this same concern.

At the bottomline, Enfold does a superb job in making your site look first class without having to have a gaggle of web designers do it for you. With a one-time price, you can scale your site to meet whatever demand comes your way in the future—all without breaking a sweat. That’s something not every theme can boast of.


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